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Lares Trek
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5 days

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About This Tour

The Lares Trek Spiritual offers a transformative journey through the mystical landscapes of the Peruvian Andes, inviting travelers to embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery and spiritual connection. This unique trek transcends mere physical adventure, delving into the depths of ancient Andean spirituality and wisdom.

As you traverse the sacred pathways once trodden by the Incas, you'll encounter awe-inspiring vistas that stir the soul and awaken a sense of reverence for the natural world. The Andean mountains, with their towering peaks and tranquil valleys, serve as a backdrop for contemplation and introspection.

Guided by knowledgeable local shamans or spiritual guides, you'll participate in ancient rituals and ceremonies, tapping into the spiritual energy of the land and connecting with the ancestral spirits that inhabit these mountains. These sacred practices offer moments of profound insight and healing, fostering a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.

Throughout the journey, you'll have opportunities for silent meditation, reflection, and connection with the natural world. Whether sitting in quiet contemplation beside a glistening mountain lake or walking in silent reverence through ancient ruins, every moment on the Lares Trek Spiritual is imbued with meaning and purpose.

At night, under the star-studded Andean sky, you'll find solace in the stillness of nature and the whisper of the wind through the mountains. In these moments of tranquility, you'll feel a sense of oneness with the universe, reawakening your spirit and igniting a newfound sense of inner peace.

Lares Trek Spiritual Conclusion:

The Lares Trek Spiritual beckons seekers of enlightenment to embark on a journey of profound introspection and connection with the ancient wisdom of the Andes. Through sacred rituals, guided meditation, and communion with nature, travelers find solace, healing, and a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe. It's an experience that resonates long after the trek ends.


  • Traverse ancient Inca trails, connecting spiritual seekers with the mystical energy of the Andes.
  • Encounter awe-inspiring vistas that stir the soul and evoke a profound sense of wonder.
  • Journey with knowledgeable shamans, who lead rituals and ceremonies to tap into spiritual energy.
  • Participate in sacred practices that offer moments of profound insight and healing.
  • Find solace in silent meditation amidst the tranquil beauty of the Andean wilderness.
  • Explore ancient ruins with reverence, connecting with the spirits of the past.
  • Reflect on life's mysteries and universal truths while surrounded by majestic landscapes.
  • Delve deep into the depths of the soul, seeking clarity and enlightenment.

Cusco - Huaran - Canchacancha - Aqopata.

We will leave Cusco at 5:30 am towards the Sacred Valley, we will stop in Calca town to learn, explore its traditional market, and buy the last minute things (fresh coca leaf, water, rain poncho, etc.) After 1 ½ hours ride in our private van we will reach the Huaran district (3,000 meters / 9,840 feet) the the beginning of Lares trek Espiritual. Place where we will meet our staff (carries and cargo carriers); who come from the community of Cancha Cancha. To then start our walk enjoying the view that nature offers us with a landscape rich in flora and fauna through native shrubs in the area, covering endemic bird varieties, and the capricious rock formations of the Urubamba chain with a view of the sacred valley. Then we will arrive to the community of Cancha Cancha (3,956 meters / 12,976 feet) where we will have the oppo1rtunity to observe the daily life of the Andean man and we will enjoy a delicious lunch.

After that we will continue ascending passing through small houses of the community and we will see the typical fauna of the place; such as chinchillas, alpacas and llamas. Finally we will arrive to our AQOPATA camp (4,150 meters / 13,940 feet).

Aqopata - Paso Pacha Cutec Pass - Quiswarani.

As soon as we finish an invigorating breakfast, we will ascend a very demanding path in certain segments towards the Pachacuteq Pass (4,700 meters / 15,419 feet) having a typical view of the Puna region. We will appreciate the imposing view of the Q’olque Cruz glacier (5,400 meters / 17,720 feet). On the way down we will observe the grazing of llamas, alpacas and sheeps and the formation of lagoons.

We will have lunch next to one of these beautiful lagoons. Then we will continue and we will pass through a very beautiful waterfall that forms the Quiswarani valley. We are to encamp around the community that night (3,950 meters / 12,950 feet).

Quiswarani - Q’allaqasa Pass - Cuncani.

After a healthy breakfast we will start the 1½ hour hike through the steep trail to reach the Q’ALLAQASA Pass (4,450 metros/ 14,622 pies) and enjoy the stunning Cuncani Valley with colorful lagoons and sawed mountains. On the way down we will descend to the colorful lagoon where we will perform our ritual invoking the Pacha Mama or Mother Earth, and beg her to bless us. Right afterwards we will start with the Wachuma or San Pedro infusion, to find our peace and tranquility from the deepest part of our interior. After that we will appreciate the wild life of the area full of chinchillas, geese, Andean gulls, hawks and with luck some condors.

Our campsite Cuncani is at one hour away (3,900 meters / 12,795 feet), and at night looking towards the clear sky we will be able to observe the Milky Way and the Andean constellations.

Cuncani - Lares Hot Baths - Ollantaytambo - Aguas Calientes.

We will wake up very renewed after the amazing therapy, feeling literally as if we had been born again, our staff will spoil us with a hot drink in bed (coca tea, tea, coffee or hot chocolate, etc), after breakfast we will continue downhill for about 2 hours to the Lares thermal medicinal baths (3,120 meters / 10, 2660 feet) and as a reward we will soak enjoying the hot baths.

Our lunch will be in the same place. After being totally relaxed, we will ride our private transport, and travel for 3 hours back to the town of Ollantaytambo (2,792 mt. / 9,158 ft). We will have dinner in this town. After dinner, we will take the train to the town of Aguas Calientes for 1 hour 45 minutes. Upon arrival we will go to the hotel for our accommodation and rest.

Hiking & Explore Machu Picchu - Cusco.

Today we arrive at the long-awaited finale of our trek, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Machu Picchu! We will wake up early after a refreshing night at our hostel to beat the crowds to the top of Machu Picchu and enjoy its serenity in the soft morning light. The Machu Picchu entrance check point is open from 06:00 AM until 17:00 PM. We will hike up to Machupicchu (a bus ride is optional for $12.00) and enter the hidden Royal Citadel of the Incas. Here we will have a 2-hour guided tour through this incredible ancient city to visit temples, terraces, palaces, priest’s houses, the sundial, the industrial sector, and the farming fields. Be amazed at the engineering ingenuity of the Incas which was so far ahead of their time and still partially a mystery today! Without having modern tools or even steel and iron to work with, the people who built this city were genius in organizing this community in a sustainable and beautiful way on the side of a mountain, even bringing water in canals through its streets for the people to use. When a Peruvian guide showed this site to Hiram Bingham, it was almost unrecognizable, covered in thick vegetation and in a state of disrepair. It has since been cleaned and restored and is now protected and treasured by the world at large!.

After this tour, you are free to climb up to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain (Be sure to book in advance to get tickets for these!). Each mountain takes approximately 3 hours to hike up and down. Another lower-impact option for which you do not need an extra ticket is to trek to the Sun Gate, the main entrance from the Inca Trail (this takes about 2 or 2.5 hours round-trip). Another option is walking to see the Incan Bridge. You will be able to stay and enjoy this magical city for more than 7 hours before hiking back down to Aguas Calientes for the train ride at 18:20 hrs (subject to availability) to Ollantaytambo. A private bus will pick up our group and drop you off at your hotel in Cusco at about 21:30 hrs. Rest your feet and your body now, but we can assure you your heart will still be soaring for weeks and years to come!.

What’s Included

  • Professional bilingual guide.
  • Full Wachuma or San Pedro ceremony (4th day).
  • Entrance to the Lares thermal baths.
  • Entrance ticket to the Machupicchu citadel.
  • Hostel (4th night) in a double room
  • Bus service Aguas calientes – Machupicchu (round-trip)
  • Return train ticket (Aguas Calientes station - Ollantaytambo).
  • Food during walking: 4 (lunches, dinners and breakfasts).
  • Boiled cold water along the walk (after each meal). You will only bring the first day until lunch.
  • Mattress (sponge).
  • Pillow.
  • Camping Tents (accommodation for 2 people).
  • Horseman and mules, to carry all camping and personal equipment (7 kgs of your personal items such as extra clothes, sleeping bag will be carried by our mules).
  • Transportation Cusco - Lares trek - Station Ollantaytambo.
  • Transportation station Ollantaytambo - Hotel Cusco
  • Oxygen tank.

Not Included

  • 5th day lunch.
  • Sleeping bag (can be rented from the company).
  • Inflatable mattress (can be rented from the company).
  • Walking sticks (can be rented from the company).
  • Tips for the guide and support staff.

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